Fleet Reporting

Keep a close eye on operating costs and other management metrics with fleet performance monitoring.

Surface your most important fleet reports

Every report features easy-to-read data visualizations, flexible filtering and customizable date ranges. Subscribe to a report and schedule it to come straight to your inbox, or print and export PDFs to make sharing critical operations data quick and simple.


View operational costs in real-time

View operating cost data for your assets to help optimize allocation and financial forecasting. Fleetio makes it easy to see the overhead it takes to keep specific vehicles, groups or your entire fleet on the road.

  • Vehicle operating costs (fuel and service)
  • Total fleet operating cost by month
  • Cost per mile (km or hour) trends

Track how your vehicles and equipment are being used

Keep tabs on utilization for each and every vehicle so you can adjust on the fly and make the most of your vehicles and equipment.

  • Average mileage per day (utilization) by vehicle or group
  • Vehicle assignment history across operators and vehicles
  • History of status changes (in-shop, out-of-service, etc.)
  • Audit trail of changes to all asset records (service, parts, issues, etc.)

Gain automated insights into how your assets are being maintained

Track service tasks, line items, parts and labor with ease and see how much your assets cost to maintain. Monitor vehicle systems across your fleet to determine what services your costs are being attributed to most so you can make data-driven decisions on servicing your fleet.

  • All-time service costs by asset
  • Service line items and cost summaries
  • Scheduled vs. unscheduled maintenance
  • Downtime reporting
  • Most common service activities across your fleet
  • All vehicles requiring service

Unlock fuel consumption trends and efficiency

Report on fleet fuel performance in aggregate, by location or by vehicle in your preferred unit of measurement: MPG (US or UK), L/100km, km/L. Spot deficiencies, get alerted to potential fuel theft and simplify quarterly fuel tax reporting (IFTA) with location-based reporting.

  • Consumption trends by vehicle or group
  • Integrate fuel card data
  • Location alerts for questionable fuel transactions
  • Fuel-ups by location
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Inspections submission report@2x

Ensure your fleet is safe and compliant

Find out who’s completing required inspections, ensure in-service vehicles are being inspected regularly and spot common defects across your fleet.

  • All inspections completed and by whom
  • View all reported defects, identify trends

Know where your parts are at all times

Track part locations down to the aisle, row and bin number. You can even see which parts are used on each vehicle, making it easy to keep track of and report on inventory.

  • Purchase order expenses by vendor
  • Current inventory levels by location
  • See which parts are being used by specific vehicles and equipment

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