Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Schedule maintenance automatically based on odometer readings and improve PM compliance with upcoming service reminders.

Pm reminder

Set service schedules and reminders across your fleet

Stay on top of regular service items such as oil changes, wheel alignments, brakes and more. Manage reminders in bulk with Service Programs and Fleetio will remind you when service is due - helping you increase efficiency and maximize vehicle uptime.

  • Meter and time intervals

    Schedule service to occur after your vehicles drive a certain distance, run for a set number of hours or go a specific amount of time since their last service.

  • Due soon thresholds

    Set a proximity threshold for when you'd like to be notified about upcoming maintenance. For example, "notify me 500 miles before my 5,000 mile service for these vehicles".

  • Mobile Reminders

    Due soon and overdue reminders are visible in Fleetio Go, helping you keep tabs on a vehicle's service needs from anywhere.

Service programs@2x

Save time, increase PM compliance and reduce breakdowns with Service Programs

Simplify the process of creating and managing preventative maintenance programs across your growing fleet. Vehicles automatically update when your Service Programs change, ensuring your organization remains synchronized and compliant.

  • Standardize service intervals for similar assets

    Customize when PM services need to be completed across your fleet based on specific asset attributes.

  • Keep PM schedules aligned throughout your fleet

    Changes to your Service Programs are immediately reflected on all related assets, ensuring standards are shared throughout your organization.

  • Base Service Programs on OEM guidelines

    Fleetio populates OEM recommended maintenance schedules directly to your Vehicle Profile, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the most current recommendations and more easily meet warranty standards.

Pm date prediction 2

Predict when maintenance is due based on usage

Fleetio automatically forecasts the due date of a Service Reminder based on a vehicle's daily average usage. Simply set a Service Reminder for things like oil changes, tire rotations and more and Fleetio will notify you when a vehicle is predicted to need service.

Monitor costs at the vehicle system, sub-system and service task level. Use this data to adjust maintenance schedules and proactively determine when service reminders need to be set.

Take action on your PM tasks no matter how you manage maintenance

Whether you outsource maintenance or conduct it in-house, Fleetio enables you to streamline your PM workflows and ensure all your fleet's information stays up to date.

  • Keep your in-house maintenance on schedule

    Work Orders help you plan and carry out maintenance tasks on time, track parts used and automatically adjust inventory levels. Assign work to a mechanic and completed service is linked to your asset automatically, resetting your PM alerts.

  • Outsource service to a third-party shop

    Streamline external repair order management with Outsourced Maintenance Automation. Manage repair order approvals electronically and get drivers back on the road quickly. Get one monthly bill for all your vendors.

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