White Papers

Improve your fleet processes with deep insights
into fleet management best practices.

Vmrs whitepaper New

Streamlining Maintenance Reporting with VMRS

Gain actionable maintenance insights by implementing VMRS codes into your existing fleet data.

Replacement whitepaper New

Developing a Comprehensive Fleet Vehicle Replacement Strategy

Strategizing effectively for vehicle acquisition and disposal can have a huge impact on your fleet’s bottom line.

Ev whitepaper cover New

Adopting Electric Vehicles is Key in Keeping Fleets Relevant

Learn about the latest trends in EV sales and charging infrastructure growth solutions.

Collaboration Across Your Fleet Operations

Uncover solutions to eliminate communication bottlenecks and enhance collaboration across your fleet.

Preparing Your Fleet for Crisis

Understand the steps you can take to prepare your fleet for pandemics, natural disaster and other dangers.

Centralizing Fleet Data with Software Integrations

Learn how pairing your current business systems with fleet management software can help you comprehensively track your assets.

Build or Buy Fleet Management Software

Weigh the outcomes of building or choosing a fleet management software provider

Implementing a New Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is an innovative solution to tracking and managing fleet maintenance.

The True Total Cost of
Ownership for Fleets

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is a comprehensive topic that one must understand in order to manage a fleet.

The Essence of Fleet Management and the Role of Software

Take a closer look inside the intricacies of fleet management and the importance of technology.

Tire Deep Dive

Explore the world of tires and get a better understanding of how you can maximize your investment and avoid fleet downtime.

2019 Fleet Industry Trends

Keep up with fleet industry trends that are spurring new ways to increase efficiencies and reduce spending

Fleet Maintenance Solutions
to Improve Your Fleet

Implement these fleet maintenance solutions in order to increase efficiencies and make managing your assets easier.

Why You Should Outsource
Fleet Maintenance

Your fleet can realize benefits by outsourcing fleet maintenance and streamlining the authorization process.

Everything Your Fleet Needs
to Know About Biodiesel

Adopting alternative fuels is no longer a question of if, but when.

Simplifying Fleet
Maintenance for SMBs

Cut through the noise and get clear steps on how to create a fleet maintenance process.

Cybersecurity Risks for
Connected Vehicles

Understand the risks of connected vehicles and how to make your fleet more secure.

Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership for Your Fleet

Determine the expenses that directly impact the total cost of ownership for your fleet.

How to Select a Fleet Maintenance Service Provider

Factors to consider when narrowing down your search for a fleet maintenance service provider.

Effectiveness & Cost Benefits of Crash Prevention Technologies

Explore data detailing the effectiveness and cost benefits of crash prevention technologies.

How Transparent Is Your Fleet’s Cost Reporting?

Understand the ins and outs of transparent cost reporting for your fleet.

Improving Fleet Safety with Driver Monitoring Systems

A close look at how to implement a Driver Monitoring System to improve safety in your fleet.

Driver Cell Phone Plans and Policies

Dig into smartphone ownership options, data plans, security policies and much more.

Fleet Safety and ROI

Implement safety initiatives that give your fleet’s bottom line a major boost.

How to Select a Fuel Card

Find out what you should consider when choosing a fuel card for your fleet.

Creating an Effective Cell Phone Policy for Your Fleet

Understand the risks and regulations around cell phone usage, and learn how to implement your own cell phone policy.

Guide to DVIR Compliance & FMCSA Inspection Regulations

Understanding pre- and post-trip inspections regulations and how to improve fleet compliance with tools like fleet maintenance software.

A Powerful Pair: Telematics and Fleet Maintenance Software

Learn how to unleash a flood of real-time insights and benefits by combining the forces of telematics and fleet maintenance software.

Essential Fleet Metrics You Should Be Watching

Explore the importance of six fleet metrics that are vital to your fleet operations.

Fleet Inspections 101: A Guide to Smarter Inspections

Learn how to establish better inspection processes and use electronic inspection tools to save substantial time and money.

How to Select a GPS Provider

Find out what you should consider when choosing a GPS solution to integrate with your current fleet management software.

The Fleetio API

See how the Fleetio API can be used to build real-time integrations and provide a seamless experience for your customers.