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Hammer down on your truck fleet’s inefficiencies. Manage your logistics and truck fleet operation in a centralized and secure software. Pair Fleetio with your favorite ELD provider to track every aspect of your truck fleet from drivers, to expenses like fuel, maintenance and more.

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Morgan L
Asset Solution Recovery
Everything. The inspection function is top notch and easily customized per vehicle. The fuel tracking is great and easy to use really helps to determine your cost for operating a asset in seconds.
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Jonathan L.
My company is utilizing the platform for a very new concept, and the sales and service team at Fleetio listened to our product needs, and worked around our new start-up complications to ensure maximum effectiveness at launch.
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Ernest A.
Boyle Transportation
We are constantly trying to find ways to save time and money. Fleetio helps us achieve that with their constant updates.
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Novneen D.
Sangha Carrier
I love the fact that we are able to upload spreadsheets, it saves me a lot of time. Tracking mpg per vehicle has been tremendously easy compared to the method we used prior to Fleetio.
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Mark D.
Mark Dominey Trucking
I find this app saves me about 1.5 hours per day in the evening when I sit down to catch up all my files. If you use it as intended, it will be a huge benefit!
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William F.
All in one product that is easy to use...
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Jason C.
Fleetio is user friendly; I'm not the most technologically savvy individual but the training sessions provided were more than enough to help me feel comfortable using the software myself as well as showing others on my team how to use it.
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Noah D.
Kroger Logistics
We have been working with Fleetio for past 2+ years and have been super happy with their work ethics and their continuous system improvements.
Boyle transportation truck

"We're constantly trying to find ways to save time and money. Fleetio helps us achieve that with their constant updates. We've integrated many of our key driver and maintenance solutions that Fleetio offers into our business functions."

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Ernest Acevedo, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor
Boyle Transportation

Trucking costs

Track your trucking fleet’s critical data from anywhere

Enhance efficiencies across your entire trucking fleet operation by managing all of your fleet data in a single platform, staying informed and connected to your drivers at all times and measuring success with configurable reporting. 

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Manage your entire preventive maintenance workflow

Downtime is not an option for your trucking fleet. Tailor your maintenance workflow to fit your unique mobile assets. Lengthen asset lifespan by leveraging preventative maintenance schedules, digital work orders and tracking results to expedite the maintenance process and lower costs.

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Trucking Integrations

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Leverage seamless integrations from top industry partners to automate fleet operations processes and centralize your data.

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