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AAA Oregon/Idaho

Iconic motor club and roadside assistance provider achieves near-perfect on-time maintenance compliance thanks to Fleetio.

Company Objectives

  • Eliminate inefficient paper processes

  • Gain insight into vehicle statuses

  • Achieve on-time service compliance

AAA has been a prominent figure in the roadside assistance, towing and auto service industry since 1902. Specifically, the Oregon/Idaho division is recognized as one of the company’s high-performers, achieving a near-perfect on-time compliance rate.

Ditching Paper Processes to Save Time

Before Fleetio, it was difficult for AAA to know what was going on with its fleet at all times. There was no tangible use of technology to provide managers with the necessary visibility. The Oregon/Idaho division relied on drivers to report issues directly to leaders via paper forms and notes, without any standardized solution to communicate.

With 60 vehicles and 90 team members, it was a difficult process to manage and contributed to tremendous delays in communication and downtime. It simply wasn’t a sustainable solution. Using Fleetio Go, Fleetio’s mobile app with configurable electronic vehicle inspection forms, drivers can quickly conduct inspections from their mobile devices and submit the completed inspection report electronically, where a manager receives a real-time notification for the submission.

“The difference is now we can see what’s happening. We can monitor the drivers and technicians and how quickly they’re doing the inspections. All the information’s there (in Fleetio) and you can see it from everywhere, which is very cool.”

— Ian Lomax, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor AAA Oregon/Idaho.

Since onboarding Fleetio, the company has seen a tremendous improvement in its failed vehicle inspection items. Based on all inspections, AAA Oregon/Idaho has an inspection failure rate of less than 0.25 percent, indicating vehicles are operating at near-optimal performance and are spending more time on the road serving customers in need.

Geofencing is another means for AAA to manage its drivers to ensure vehicles and completed inspections are within specified areas. According to Lomax, this presents a lot of great coaching opportunities for the team to improve performance.

Working Together to Maintain and Serve

As a recognizable brand, AAA’s fleet requires reliable vehicles to serve its customers. After all, roadside assistance and towing can’t occur without properly functioning trucks. To keep its fleet running, AAA adopted Fleetio to enhance visibility and productivity across its entire fleet maintenance process to avoid costly downtime.

Fleetio’s comprehensive maintenance program enables AAA Oregon/Idaho to identify vehicle issues and immediately begin the maintenance process to troubleshoot any concerns. Once an issue is identified, technicians can create work orders from a tablet or computer and communicate directly in a task with other stakeholders.

“So many potential issues or simple fixes are lost in communication and I feel the systems we’re putting in place with Fleetio are building an excellent communication platform.”

— Ian Lomax, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor AAA Oregon/Idaho.

The company can now manage the entire maintenance cycle in a single platform and, in doing so, allowed AAA Oregon/Idaho to achieve a near-perfect on-time maintenance compliance rate at 96 percent. It’s an outstanding metric that the team takes a lot of pride in according to Lomax.

Curating Inventory From Anywhere

Since the majority of AAA’s maintenance is conducted in-house, it needed a way to track all of its spare parts inventory for its East and West locations. Having the necessary parts on-hand is critical to ensure maintenance tasks can be completed without delay.

Fleetio not only provides a solution to manage all of the company’s spare parts inventory, but it also allows AAA Oregon/Idaho to add parts to a given work order with line item breakdowns. Fleetio Go is also a useful tool empowering fleet managers to keep track of the fleet from a mobile device.

From service tasks and expenses like cost per meter to real-time inventory quantity updates and notifications when approaching critical levels, Lomax can track every detail from his dashboard no matter where he is.

“I essentially made my own (Fleetio) dashboard that monitors all of these areas. We have spent a lot of time on our inventory, it looks great, and it tracks very well in the system.”

— Ian Lomax, Fleet Maintenance Supervisor AAA Oregon/Idaho.

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