Grow as a fleet manager with actionable tips on improving maintenance processes, fuel management, technology implementation and more.

The Basics of Fleet Management

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Lesson 1

Asset and Team Management

When you become a fleet manager, you have two main responsibilities - manage your fleet's assets, and manage the people that use and repair them each and every day.

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Lesson 2

Fleet Maintenance

Maintaining your fleet's assets is one of the most important aspects of actually running a fleet, both operationally and financially.

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Fuel Management

Budgeting for fuel can be the bane of every fleet manager’s existence, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking the right approach to alleviating your fleet’s fuel costs can make a huge dent in one of your biggest expenditures and even extend the life of your assets.

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Lesson 4

Data and Reporting

Data reports sometimes get a bad rap for being too procedural or boring, but being able to accurately reflect your fleet’s successes (and shortcomings) in numbers can give fleet managers a lot of power in decision making for their operation.

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Lesson 5

Fleet Technology

Fleet is a constantly evolving industry, and new innovations are always hitting the market. So how do fleet managers figure out what they need from their tech, and once they’ve found the right thing, how do they get everyone onboard with using it?