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Kirk B.
BI Specialist, Peterson Farms Seed
Fleetio will help track our expenses to ultimately provide a cost per mile which is a must have regardless of fleet size. Safety has increased as a results of inspections, recalls and issues being addressed.
Male 2
Chris M.
R&D Manager, McCorvey Sheet Metal
The best feature is arguably the ability to view all fleet related information (maintenance, drivers, location, inspections, fuel) in one console that allows comprehensive drill down data.
Male 3
Ramiro S.
IT Software Specialist, Wawona Packing
The ease and use of the software implementation towards the staff they took it well and have used it fairly easy.
Male 4
Tom D.
BI Manager, BSG
Excellent. The system is so simple to use and has all of the functions fleet management requires. The pricing cannot be beaten.
Female 2
Chelsea H.
System Analyst, Renew Digital
Fleetio has essentially eliminated the need for a dedicated fleet manager, allowing our employees to focus on achieving primary business goals instead of worrying about the fleet.
Male 5
Nicholas O.
IT Support, Twiga Foods
The dashboard is simple to understand and provides comprehensive analysis about fleet management.
Female 5
Joy B.
Chief Engineer, Fleet Nav Systems, LLC
Fleetio clearly has a forward-facing view towards software and technology.  Their user-friendly interface is no exception to this.
Male 8
Brendan H.
Director of Operations & IT, Furniture Options
We needed a software to help us track our growing fleet.  Fleetio was just the right mix of ease of use and features availability.
Male 9
Tony D.
ERTH Power
I am rolling this program out now and it is great compared to the old spreadsheets we used in the past, simple to use online and on your iPhone.
Female 1
Lisa L.
Scobee Powerline Construction
Fleetio is a very user-friendly application that is completely mobile.  Our maintenance team loves that they can go to a parts store and have everything they need at their fingertips to order parts.
Male 2
Amer A.
Fleetio is instrumental to us; moving away from a tangible documentation cycle process has been difficult, but the extensive API allows us to integrate our current system with fleetio as to ease the later planned transition.
Male 3
Janis L.
Westfield Gas
Many different features.  Easy to use and great customer service if you have any difficulty.
Male 4
Dan D.
Coral Spring
I like that we can put gas in our vehicles and update our fleet via a mobile app.  I enjoy the service reminder functions and I get a lot of use from the software knowing that I can look at past invoices and see how many miles we were able to drive on a particular tire replacement.
Female 5
Wendy R.
Integration with our fuel cards.  Good visibility within the software.  You can access information in many places.
Female 6
Trish K.
Direct Connect Utilities
Excellent tutorials.  Fast and easy to use. I was up and running in a few hours. Highly recommend. A+
Enhance data connectivity

Pair fleet data with other business systems effortlessly through an open API and ensure business continuity.

Increase organizational visibility

Empower your teams to gain access into centralized fleet data to make better decisions and lower total cost of ownership.

Ensure secure data

Mitigate risk with a highly scalable cloud-based platform with end-to-end security features built in.

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Capture all of your fleet data in one place

Fleetio allows you to pull data from disparate sources into one place. Easily integrate with many of the fleet management tools your organization uses today to pull in relevant data and make it easier for them to take action on, analyze and report on fuel cards, telematics devices, maintenance shops and more.

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Streamline data through our REST API

130+ endpoints and growing, our REST API allows programmatic access to Fleetio resources (e.g. vehicles, meter entries and fuel entries) so developers can build integrations with third-party and/or internal systems.

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"Fleetio's Open API and webhooks integration have enhanced our cloud-based software solutions by allowing us to integrate and take action on data about our moving assets in real-time."

Male 4 Chris Mondeau, Technology Coordinator

Ensure data security

IT leaders can rest assured knowing data security is a top priority at Fleetio. Our team takes additional proctive measures to maintain a secure infrastructure and application environment along with automated database backups performed daily. Enable your organization to sign into your SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Provider portals and access Fleetio with a single click.

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